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Good Idea @Acol

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No, then you can find where the big person is shift to game mode and kill

But you can still see where is players on minimap so what the difference?


Mini map is small and why would you even need to spectate?

This is like if you dont want to play and just to see how people fights etc. Just like in agar-like games

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Who would want to do that :joy::joy::joy::v::v:

would you be invisible in spectator?

Yeah that is what spectating is you can see but you can’t fight and they can’t see u

I mean are you visible to other players? if so, what size would you be?


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if so, i am worried about privacy. you could sneak up on other people and enter their conversations. i know people like ANGEL share their password to thoer people, so people could see that.

You can;t see messages while spectating !!!

@dev3x You dont even will have the body, you just can spectate by moving the map

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Finally someone genius

tht still doesn’t answer my question

You not will be visible, you don’t even will have a speed and you dont will move like a normal player, also messages can be invisible too ofc

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This will be fun to add



I would on the rare occasions I play