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if you were to give three pieces of advice that you think are more important for the future development of + other games, what would it be?

please don’t give joke answers. thanks

un nerf solar flare

new gamemode

Make small weekly updates
Add some type of thing to the game that players can do solo, like a story mode or something
Focus on getting a big youtuber to play your game even though there arent many io youtubers left

These are my random junk thoughts about The first two are about balancing and the third one is about mobs. Fourth is about skins.

  1. In a game with no meta, everything feels weak and even the strong ones because it feels like there aren’t a lot of things consistent which makes it feel difficult when choosing a weapon. When there is a meta, underrated weapons feel better but gameplay feels a lot more boring for people using meta weapons. I’m not too sure on how this information would be taken into consideration in buffing and nerfing weapons but I do think it is an important aspect.
  2. Instead of quickly reworking/majorly nerfing overpowered weapons like mana flail, instead wait a bit longer to see if it was actually that overpowered when it starts to settle into the game and other people go back to using their main weapons. This doesn’t mean emergency nerfs shouldn’t be done. Just not to the extent of having to completely rework how a weapon works.
  3. Add in more “depth” into mobs. What I mean by this is to make mobs more special such as spiked ice slimes having the ability to shoot out their spikes once when they get to half hp or when they die (please buff exp for snow mobs). Something along the lines of those. Bunnies could instead of constantly moving, they could every once and a while stop to eat grass or whatever they are standing on. Lava slimes and maybe even lava bats could not deal knockback but instead do a watered down effect version of lava. You could walk through it but the lava effect would go on. All of these are just a couple examples that you could use as inspiration to make a mob more unique instead of having different statistics and designs.
  4. That bidding thing for the molten and pie skin idea was really cool so I think it could be used again soon for other new skins. Don’t put them in the shop after for a set amount of money though because then it makes the speciality of the skin much more devalued.

yea since all the meta got nerfed hard everything seems weak and pretty mid


Pretty much the general period of time for the map that had the lava entrance existed. Mostly paladin classes, sniper, pre-nerf solar flare, crossbow (not really but experienced players did use it every once and awhile), most newer players were using charge blaster.

no meta = diverse meta = what we want

remove every class

You can still have a diverse meta even with a meta. You want a couple of really good weapons with a few major/minor flaws so it is going to be the main pick for most. That makes it so that weaker weapons feel stronger if they are able to exploit those weaknesses. Otherwise, everything doesn’t feel strong because everything else is on equal terms to it. This makes the speciality of off-meta weapons gone because there is no meta to compare it to.