Tigerlizzy unjust forum suspension

rip manny :(

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he deserves it he tricked me


Well i’m glad this is resolved

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he tricked me

You chose to let him the best part is im collecting him and many perm bans to my server been boring Since Dark and Demon were perm banned im adding many people to my forum

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kor does not seem to like tiger

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broh u just changed ur reaction three times on mypost

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ikr, idk why wht did i do to him

idk hes muted rn so i cant ask him omg kor stop changing ur reaction on my post or i will show u what happens i ohio

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bro Manny bought my channel membership how am I gonna make money now?!?!?!??!?!?!

manny is kinda bad tho idk he hacks

Oof. You definitely did not deserve the ban.

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bruh tiger got on two diff accs last night and acted liked manny trying to troll me :rofl:

lol i was trying to prank you loool,


yeah it was kinda obvious when u started hitting each other and the delays between the hits indicated that u where on two accs

oh, so if we didn’t fight, would tht make it unobservable?

maybe also what was strange was as soon as the tiger acc came the manny acc was all of the sudden back from bein afk