Tips for using tank and beserker

When choosing either of these evolutions what are strategies for using them?

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When first choosing either tank or berserker, it depends on your situation. If you want to go on offense and get a quick, easy kill on an inexperienced player, rushing in with berserker’s ability can help. But if you find yourself in a predicament against teamers or a pro player, you would want a more defensive approach and go with tank, for the size increase and the healing ability. The downside of using tank is its slow speed, which prevents you from chasing down players with faster evolutions.

Following that, choosing future evolutions depends on how you want to play.

If you want to play more aggressively and go around getting kills, evolve to samurai (either from Knight, Warrior, or Rook). Samurai would be best for this because of its tankiness and fast speed. But if you prefer to farm by breaking chests, pick lumberjack (from Vampire, Warrior, or Rook). We don’t talk about archer/archergod. When choosing between the two final evolutions fisherman and juggernaut, in most cases, you would want to pick the objectively superior one; fisherman. But juggernaut can be fun if you’ve reached max level (500k or above)


I dont use berserker

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You should try it out sometimes on less experienced players, it can be pretty fun. The knockback, the speed, the damage. Super aggro and fun to use. Brings back memories from the summer of 2022, when I started playing.


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