Top 10% poster!

so today I just realized I got top 10% in the past month - for me, getting this? - it’s like unthinkable.

I actually remember back when I first made a forum account I never knew I would put this much commitment into it, I just sorta thought of it as a hobby at first. But as the time passed, I realized - I wanted to make it more than just a hobby. so I started posting topics very frequently…

and now…

top 10%.

and actually now that I look, only 3 other people in the whole forum have gotten it - Shadowblade, ManagePasswords, and Undef_IK_glaceon8.

great job to you guys as well, that probably was a big acheivement for you.


its not permanent so a lot of people who have gotten it before don’t have it anymore.


If you post a lot you earn this badge, but you can lose it.


@Hue, @F1NN, yes, I know that it is only top 10% per month


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