Top 15

After almost a year i hit top 15. The grind dont stop :triumph: :muscle:


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#10 get better





ahh yes the great io game of friday night funkin
everything else are good io games tho (did arras dethrone diep?)

Can’t believe I’m saying this, but in my honest opinion, I’d put Krunker over all of these.

Is even updated anymore?

i don’t even know if it even dead or not tbh wasd

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when a game has a gameplay loop like that, it doesn’t need any more updates.

still very much alive

I suppose but I feel like a lot of the final tiers get repetitive if you want to stay alive

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i pretty sure not the only one that is repetitive

only bug fixes and stuff- last update was like 6 months ago (that’s why it’s the most balanced io game)

ye still has a dedicated fan base (i go to arras tho- growth arms race is back!!!1!!!)

laughs in swordbattle sb has 2 evols… diep has 49… has a lot of replayability

inaccurate list

is first?

yk i got school right

comrade that’s a skill issue tbh just don’t sleep- well I’m human too so I have my limitations. so i make sure to sleep at least 3 hours a day and every week I make sure to get one day where I get 10 hours of sleep

atleast im getting sleep