Tpglitch ANARCHY?

Should I make an anarchy Minecraft bedrock server? (A server in survival with no rules at all)

  • Yeah
  • No (reply why ↓)
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needs rules like make kingdomes and fight

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Butanarchy sevrvers are fun. Just join a survival server if u want rules

no because bedrock

I would play! (if my parents get me Xbox game pass)

Please undo your vote, that’s not a valid reason

well also anarachy servers basically are filled with hackers most of the time

because no

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Tp how abt just one rule: no rulesno hacking

Undo your vote that’s not a reason

Because minecraft is boring

No, because you’re going to bother us about funding it.

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I guess that’s valid

Bro I literally saw you playing it that one time.

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Well that was one block

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