Trolling people by pretending to be a bot

yes, you heard the title - i will try and troll people by pretending to be a bot. (i am writing this as i go but i will only post it after i’m done trolling so no one will target me haha)

so, step 1 is to log out of my account, in order to get rid of the blue username you get when you play on an account, and also to make up a bot name. i’ll use bob for funzies…


anyways, the rules for me while in-game is no sword-throwing, no chatting, and no breaking chests when people see me doing it, and no evolving. This is just so no one finds me out haha. but since i can do some nice combos when im small, people are going to be quite suprised, i suspect, that a bot is that good.

so i loaded in…

immediately after i went in someone attacked me lol…they got the early combo but lost their rhythm eventually, in which i was able to land a death combo, to their suprise.

when i was close to full health i began heading over to some players - i was breaking some chests on the empty corner of the map when the #1 on leaderboard came towards me and started attacking me…they were knight so i of course i died, but i did get an extremely long combo on them and they literally chatted “what” while getting combo’d.

they almost killed me but then i kinda ran away like bots do… eventually they left and i collected their coins…someone was very suprised when they found out a bot had 30k coins and was the first on the leadeerboard haha they said: “Imma go kill that leaderboard bot” and started attacking but i killed them.

anyways, then i had to go but this was super interesting to see people’s reactions…lmk if you wanna see a part two of this



:skull: people say their thoughts aloud in a game?!


There was someone else next to them

Definitely want a part 2


alr i will do a part 2

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Can u reply here? It is easier and more continuous that way

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