Trophy skins

skin 1



skin 2


  • skin 1
  • skin 2
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One of them is cut off and the other doesn’t really look like a trophy
Can I help you with a skin?


which? nty

which one is which?

The second one is cut off (at least the circle is)
Maybe you could make the first one golden or smth to distinguish it from the white lines in the background?

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ok, i saw a trophy in my old school that looked like the first… i agree about the 2nd

That’s fine, just get rid of the white lines in the background since they kinda just blend in with the trophy itself


is this better?

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nice candle

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ur swords are just recolours of gold coin skin…

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Do you use AI to make your skins? These all seem like they were made with ai

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trophy 2 beautiful

ik i did that on purpose did that for most of my swords

link was back up earlier

went back down though.

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