Try to kill me now wasd

Thanks Gautum for buffing Regen upgrade. Wasd, I would like to see you try to kill me now.

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did I buff it too much

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He will still kill u bro ur not good

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Why is Bro Targeting Top Players?

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ur not even a top play glaceon so be quiet

Top play and I bet she could still beat you and she barley plays

Glaceon was agreeing with gautam that regen was buffed too hard. He didn’t say anything about you. Watch yourself.


oh, oops, i thought he was agreeing with victor

Please sthu your nothing compared to me.

Your an ant and I’m a giant so back off kid.

I get the misunderstanding, but you really need to look closer before starting beef with random users.


He’s some childish kid who thinks everything has to do with him

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NUmber1, i mean, of course your better than me:

Screenshot 2024-02-20 8.07.53 PM
Screenshot 2024-02-20 8.07.40 PM

you’ve been playing for so much longer than I have

Welp, this has now become another drama topic :skull:

Take it to the DMs?

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I joined 1 year ago and I didn’t play all that time, if I did I would be top 1 in v1

I feel like the main issue with regen in V2 is that players are constantly healing. Whereas in V1, there would be a delay before a player starts healing since the last time they’ve taken damage. This meant as long as you could deal consistent damage (even if it’s chip damage through sword throws), you’re able to whittle down your opponent’s health and prevent them from healing.

With players being able to heal constantly, with enough regen upgrades, it feels like they can simply outheal your damage output.

Lets Not forget U Are Co #1 All Time ye?

Lets not forget I toy the sb community in pvp

cant argue there…

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