Types of realmz.io plahyers [UPDATED]

I will add more in the future suggest me more type of players. :+1:

1.noobs :coffin:
~baslically trash

2.pros/has a life :sunglasses:
~mostly grinds xp

3.tryhard/has no life :clown_face:
~sometimes toxic sometimes not

4.toxic :clown_face: :imp:

5.runner(talking abt runners even they have full hp) :shoot:
~annoying but nice/ could be toxic cough cough hersheys infamous words"ez too slow".

6.hiders aka campers :scream:
~hides and grinds xp but trouble comes when they are king.

7.npc :robot:
~irl bots literally the worse version of goblins/gnomes.

8.you :stuck_out_tongue: :money_mouth_face: :sunglasses:
~best player fr fr!!

9."i will be back in 5 mins) :robot:
~3 years later “were is bro at”.

10.rage quiter :rage: :shoot:
~noobs like hi:)/skull etc…

11.the extra chromsomes :disguised_face:
~proceeds to say “ez” “L” “LOL” after getting killed 20 times

12.teamer :shoot: :monke:
~nice, targets solo ppl and ends their lives sometimes get’s obliterated by a sweat.

13.dumb azz :dizzy_face:
~equal to noobs but plays long period of time, still doesn’t know anything abt the game.

14.avg player :cat:
~nice good and teams most of times with #1 ppl.

15.The adventurer :money_mouth_face:
~doesn’t too anything expect exploring the map (may gets spawnkilled)

16.Grinder :tired_face:
~all they do is grind xp and kills

17.Team TEm TAEM :money_mouth_face: :money_with_wings:
~team against bots or decent players.

18.The 3rd party :rage: :sunglasses:
~either annoying or not

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i’m not pro or noob im somewhere in the middle so im gonna say #8

Im #1 or #5

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You need one for the people who play the game like once every 2 months

like an og?

No they really aren’t even that og they just never play the game because thats exactly what I am

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I am the embodiment of #4 :nail_care::nail_care: slayyy

ur like #3+#4=clapz

I’m not #3 because you have to play daily to be a sweat

but u are a sweat and ive seen u daily these days

  1. I probably try less than you in Realmz
  2. “a” is not me, bud

ya i know that now but one time i saw u as “a” and met prookl and said- wait. i don’'t even know but the time u were fighting rker and me and some other kid i forgor

uh I have no idea where you brain cells just went

i have no brain cell i have minion cells

makes sense

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Wtf u talking about

I’m 1 and 9 :skull:

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bro #7 used to be “you” u changed it lol

9 is mafia

10 is aiden

5 is all of agent

i accidently put two #7 so i chaged to 8