Updated neon skin sword needed

22326409-transformed-removebg-preview (1)

67387804-transformed-removebg-preview (1)


Played around with the features to make this

Tell me which one

First I like it!

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Ty :)

First. Bye supreme neon? @gautam which neon should i replace. The skin is hella fire

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Ty :)

Wdym bye Supreme neon

The cheap one, the one that is like 150 coins

It’s a 6mil skin I think?

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It’s a bit too good for that imo

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:/ at least make 2 good skin cheap…

1 skin not 2

Wow… u sure?

Idk around there

The First one is nice. As for price, maybe around 20k?

It should replace supreme neon


My bad, didn’t see the replacement part.

Nah it’s fine
But it is really good
Supreme neon is… eh?

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… ok