Useful tip for you guys

So I have a useful tip for you guys that relates to pvp in–

in early game, have you ever met those players that stand still and spam click at you to try and prevent you to get close to them? they are pretty annoying, and if you don’t know how to counter it it can be quite effective.

So how do you counter it anyways?

Well, you have to pay careful attention to how far their sword can reach (this depends on their skin). When you think that you are just a tiny bit inside their hitbox (say, a millisecond inside) then you hit, stop going forward for a short while, and then go forward again and repeat. This is how I learned it but there probably is a better explanation for this lol…

how did you guys learn it?

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The sword doesn’t affect the hitbox and has I just use ability then spawnkill to rub it in their face


true but the length of the sword kinda is like a reference for me idk how to explain it

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It is a good enough reference when you play enough to have a good enough visualisation of the hitbox


Theres a eazy way to counter

what is it?

Best way to counter is get used to playing and what level there at so you can just click at the right time and maybe go in while there sord is on cool down

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