V2 thoughts

So recently, Gautam has released the V2 trailer, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPQ7iZYWqBY
I’ve decided to give some of my thoughts v2.
*This contains my personal opinions so if you have different ones please comment down below.

The Map

From the trailer we can see that the map is way larger, containing several different biomes. Also, in the minimap, we can kind of see a diagonal blue line separating what I presume, a grassy biome and an icy biome. Also, in the trailer it was revealed that there was a lava biome with lava that can damage the player. The new map also adds houses into the game, and one thong that I observed was that the house doors are quite small, I wonder how the player will fit if the player got larger like how it works currently.


The map is done really nicely, certainly adds more to the game and gives it a nice vibe. The map seems larger and is also filled with mobs that will definitely add a new feeling. Now there are physical objects that can change pvp just slightly. Overall, the map is definitely a good addition and will probably make the game a whole lot better.


Now, in the trailer we see the tank evolution, I'm pretty sure we also see the berserker evolution, I actually don't know. The evols have a new design, so you can actually see the skin you are wearing and not only the sword like we have now. One thing that i noticed was that the tank evolution ability didn't heal the player like we have now, so it is very different. Also, the tank didn't seem to have any hit cooldown, with or without the ability, which should be very interesting for pvp.


The new evolutions would have to take some time to get used too, and we would have to basically relearn the evolution system. Maybe now juggernaut is super op, but we don't actually know. About that hit cooldown, I feel it makes having a lot of skill and not having a lot of skill unimportant. If all evolutions had no hit cooldown, then there is less of a difference between good players and new players, as you can't really have good hit timing if all you're doing is spamming anyway. Maybe the hit cooldown is less as you use the upgrade points for speed, we don't really know. Speaking of the speed upgrades, that brings us to the...

Upgrade System

The new upgrade system basically explains itself, it has speed health, regeneration, and damage. You upgrade by getting points, no one knows how yet. It reminds me of the upgrade system on diep.io.


It depends on how much of an impact the upgrades have. This has the potential to change swordbattle completely, depending on how much it actually is. For example, what would happen if you maxed out the speed upgrade for tank, and it was faster than warrior. This might make tank better than warrior because of the less ability cooldown. If the effects were relatively small, I definatly would think it would be a good addition for swordbattle, however, if the effects were large, it could potentially add unwanted variability.
If you've read this far, thank you, and make sure to comment any thoughts too!

To be honest I don’t like how some parts of the map can affect the player since personally what I think is that people who pay attention to the smallest details like this can end up abusing it like for example the lava pool can literally be such an easy way to get rid of people who aren’t teaming with you and with pushing/pulling the person in the right direction can end up in a easy way of getting rid of them. You can also go into the lava pool far enough so you die and no one can’t rly reach the coins in there without risking their own.


Lol lava is meant for strat

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But still I don’t like the sound of some noob player pushing in a pro player into the lava and only having to worry abt them not getting out of the lava and keeping them in there until they die.


I also don’t really like how a noob could be basically on the same level as an experienced player with zero hit cooldown.


Most lava is tiny. Also cooldown will be addrd. Patience

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Will the coins reduce/disappear cause a player didn’t kill?

imagine a nood with an autoclicker and no hit cd just pointing and deleting everything and with no hit cd roaching is even more of a problem cuz of yknow autoclickers :skull:

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