Very Good Grind

Screenshot 2024-02-05 10.09.47 PM

Great job!! :fire: Keep on grinding bro! (Cycling is more effective if you want to suffer)

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8 minutes I’m not believing that bruh

83 kills in 8 minutes is like a kill every 6 or so seconds I think congrats lol

i was lucky enough to join a server where the bosses weren’t killed yet lol

Since when did bosses drop 150k coins

Get better broody

But also who on god’s green earth is this John Titor guy, he’s at #660 on the leaderboard, he’sabsolutely insane and he joined yesterday!

Barthos reincarnation

Jeese time to see how long he can keep it up

There should be a high score box on player profiles.

Nice, are you trying to get any leaderboard spots in particular?

just like 25 all time or like 30th

i killed him like 3 times on my school chromebook…

I meant he was good at grinding. Don’t know if he’s good at pvp.

Anyways, to get back on topic, I wish I could grind good.

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just have a lot of time to waste and cycle endlessly- grinding is stupidly easy and just stupidly painful

Btw im still on the grind for who reaches 10M First between me and you

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