so i was wondering…when you guys play swordbattle.io, what volume do you play it at?

me personally, i mute the game entirely - makes ads way easier to look at pre-game and also makes the game better to put music in the background without the pitches conflicting.

but what about you?

  • high volume
  • low volume
  • normal volume
  • muted
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Muted. I usually play with a youtube video in the background, and the coin sounds are pretty annoying.

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I always have every computer I use muted, so I never have sound at all.

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People Who Play With Those hitting Sounds Are Disgusting.

gautam really needs to put some nice music in the game instead of the coin sounds.

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I’m sorry dawg but it isn’t 2016 anymore :skull:

Even if I were to want sound it doesn’t work so I’m just mute ig

ew ewwwwwwwwww

I wish I could skull my own post :skull:

I made music for V.2 and guatum said it was bad :skull:

bro thats insane:sob::skull:

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