Vote me for IUOTM #Mitblade2023

As many of you understand hamm is hosting to vote for important user of the month and today I run for that campaign. IF YOU VOTE FOR I SHALL MAKE SWORDBATTLE GREAT AGAIN. I WILL BUILD A WALL, I WILL ADD EVOLUTION AND I WILL FIX THE SKINS. vote Mitblade 2023

sorry… no

No not after last time

…why you building a wall…
and between what…

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Mitblade’s at it again. XD

I’m sorry do u not want a wall?

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I’m just concerned on what it’s bordering between

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Well when u vote for me I will build where society wants

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Weren’t you the guy that single-handedly split the community in two causing clans to become a thing?

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Indeed me and gautam were the start of clan wars. Then we came to a truce and the forum was at peace once agin, but then literally everyone and there grandma made one and it Was chaos

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only if you are cold as trump and build a wall to stop hacker :+1:


Vote Mitblade for 2023 and i Shall

You really do have a way with words dont you?

That’s why u should vote for me

Bruh. The only way I’m voting for you is if Swordbattle V.2. comes out by the end of the week.

And even then maybe not.

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never heard he said around septemeber

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Maybe u will find out by voting me

? Wdym

if it comes out by saturday I will vote for you

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Well I need vote first before it comes out
, safety for myself.