Vote me for treasury

Why vote Me?

I am a trustworthy user here, i add to the community daily, and am even TL4! Along with this, i am an admin on AMC, and one of the most trustworthy users on the site there!

What I will do with my position

I will do absolutely nothing, as this gives me no power! However, to any AMC user who participates in my campaign, you will be given a Unique Title!


Plz vote me :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pray:


i will if i get to join AMC get a title and you vote for me as president

  • I’ll vote for hue
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I feel like you’re not active enough and I don’t know you very well, nothing personal

I joined before you by like 4 months

I know but I feel like I just know hue better, for some reason.

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So do i tbh wouldnt of run for treasury if i knew hue was

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