W-tapping in 100 words

w-tapping, one of the more prevalent pvp strategies. however…some people don’t know what it is/how to do it that well.

but i’ll tell you this - the concept of w-tapping is. simple.

w-tapping is used to maintain spacing between you and your opponent during a combo/any other (usual) pvp situation by tapping w.

to w-tap consistently, just get the timing down: tap w right after the first hit. then, time your w-taps - an easy marker is to w-tap right after you hear a hitsound.

(i’m continuing this series, stay tuned and make sure to comment if you have suggestions!)

Aah the classic strat of moving while pvping. Thanks for teaching me

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just trying to have a sort of short guide for new(ish) players lol ofc you know, some don’t. i can show you multiple pms/comments where people say “what’s w-tapping” or smth

So apparently, W-tapping’s a term used in Minecraft PVP…

I don’t think comparing Minecraft and swordbattle PVP and trying to use the same terminology for both games is right. Swordbattle PVP’s simplistic, which is what I really like about it. We should probably keep it that way.

Trying to introduce all these complicated terms from a separate game into Swordbattle PVP might do more harm than good. It would make it seem like that swordbattle PVP’s a lot more complicated than it really is to new users.


Dude what direction are we even fighting in I need a visual representation of this hypothetical scenario

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yeah, w-tapping can be used in minecraft, i actually didn’t think about w-tapping in a minecraft context, but, whether people say it or not, it is used in pvp already, and has been for quite a while. examples:

manage aknowledging he w-taps in that same topic:

That was a dofferent context. I meant i preferred to move up not down generally. Dont twist my words

If I were to search up W-tapping, that term would only come up in your posts. You’re the one who introduced the term to the game.

I understand W-tapping in the context of Minecraft, where you’re mostly using the W key to move forward, and you have the mouse to control your direction. But you need to use all four keys in swordbattle PVP; all of them are important for movement. “W-tapping” is implying that you need to have special emphasis on the W-key, when you could be facing any direction in swordbattle fights.

It’s alright if you want to continue incorporating all these PVP terms into swordbattle, but in my personal opinion, it may confuse new players.


so, you mean to say you weren’t referring to my original context intentionally, or unintentionally?

yes, i may have introduced it on the forum, but i know some people in swordbattle.io who know what i mean.

i am using w-tapping in the form of just your general key you are using to move forward in any given angle of rotation in swordbattle.io, not specifically the w key.

as i said, i am using w-tapping in a different context than you have in mind so yes, it may confuse new players if they think about w-tapping in the context you are.

basically, when i say w-tapping i mean that motion with whatever key you use to go forward, not explicitly w.

stop overcomplicating the pvp its just 2 balls
incognito boutta invent: BIDEN BLAST TACTIC TAPPING in swordbattle smh


Incognitos be speaking gibberish again

this doesnt seem like

None of this really matters currently because sb is so laggy pvp is more luck based than skill based

Just have good wifi its simple :neutral_face:

Swordbattle pvp is quite simple, you are overcomplicating it. You move, have good timing, and hit you opponent, and whoever can do that the most wins

is this good enough??

Bros trying to turn swordbattle into minecraft. First textures, and now this.

Actually that’s 98 words :nerd_face: