War with Ck?

Is someone really trying to try to start a war with what is to be believed the best clan in swordbattle.io!?! Ok so thats something ive never seen and dang ill help because i used to be a ck and i got betrayed so many times so @Frager201 I want you to be In an alliance with me to take down CK

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as a undefeated member whatever your clan is is not being official ck memebers

No idea what you mean

Random pepole put ck in there name. if u want war you need to contact angel and let her tell u official members

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im not with ck Im going against ck

and me an angel already talked when i was an offical member of ck

bro whattttttt

Sure we could allaince

Ok It is an honor to allaince with you

You were never an official member of {CK} since u were just one of those people who just invited themselves in I am pretty sure of this cause I don’t remember you asking me if you could join and that also can explain why official members of {CK} attacked you in the first place but anyways good luck taking us down:)


Yay it worked you did get more topics on clans

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I was a CK and i joined a while back because i remember when i asked you because you came up to me and asked if i was in swordbattle and i warned you about whats coming and i think your the one who needs the luck

Nah angel can beat us but not the rest of CK

Nah most of the {ck} members attacked me because I was teaming with people they did not like, Besides so many people hate {ck} it wont be that hard. And all of you’re members are gonna leave you soon once they find out how much you betrayed us.

Wat imo angel is a good person besides this is just a game. The war is just for funni

clans = bad at every game

change my mind


this might help undfeated determing how good he is


lmao based fish

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