We should do a winter/Fall update

I was thinking that like the Summer update, we could make a new tile and different bushes the bush could be a leaf pile


I would just do trees without leaves and small orange/brown leaves on floor

Winter do snow on floor and tree

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So like changes to the map depending on the season?

Yea like the spring and summer update

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If that’s the case then during those updates I also think there should be a option to revert the area to normal for only the players screen if they don’t like it.


Yeah I think that would be a good idea someone could have the Default textures and then they can change it to Seasonal textures if they want to (and vice a versa) somewhere in settings.

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I dont think Guatam should add anything new but maybe a map change. Because we are still waiting on stuff like clans, new skins, and other stuff. Frumpy or Slapthebass can probably make it happen :D

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For fall it would probably be another Halloween update for map

it’s slapADAbass :slight_smile:

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no one disrespect the BASS :guitar:

I just did…

thats funny I didn’t even get the idea for the leafpile from this :skull:

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