We should remove bots: change my mind

I see no point in bots- they disrupt battle and conversations, and probably makes the game laggier. The only person that will be mad if bots are removed are people like incog that likes to combo bots because they can’t combo real people.

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It would be nice if bots were made to be less aggro, that’s my only issue with them.

But I feel like bots are crucial for gameplay, even more so than in V1.

Bots are literal walking piles of gold for players just joining the game and grinding. Since they’re now able to break chests in V2, they’re able to get bigger even faster. Sometimes you can find chests that are half-broken by bots around the map. You can even have bots help you speed up chest breaking if they are also attacking it.

Also, if you were to join the game, you’d just be alone on the leaderboard. And that might be kind of depressing, and discouraging to players. Without having bots around to kill, it may be difficult to keep players engaged.

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I agree the bots are a bit too aggro but that is it

most of the time they have less than 100 coins

arguable because they get bored after awhile and leave

how about added to improving the stupid bot ai, decreasing the bot count to a more manageable amount? because I feel like bots are causing some of the perforance issues

their aggro should be nerfed now, perhaps it should be nerfed more? to my knowledge they dont disrupt convos/battles unless you start ttacking them.

excuse me i totally can lol (unfollowed)

i dont think so, as shadow said they are great for getting gold early game, and if only one real person joined the game it would grow quite boring with, quite literally, no other people.

But there are some bots that have >1k. It isn’t common, but when it does happen, it’s nice.

Yeah that’s more fair. Removing all bots seems extreme.
But with how big the map is, having a high bot count is probably better. It would feel a little weird if all the bots were widespread.

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Maybe bots should target chests then other bots and then players during certain coin amounts

I can make them less aggro for now, it’s a huge part of game so I can’t remove sadly

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hahaha ive been playing a lot in the past few days it is not fixed

eh idk about that
you were already unfollowed by me xD because you make a lot of threads

not really because usually bots only have up to 2k xp in a empty server

i feel it’s not worth it

no 20 bots is way too many bots - they usually kill each other causing in a lower coin count for bots

If only bots had more coins

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I think reducing the amount of bots and making them less agro will increase the amounts of coins have because they won’t go on a suicide mission trying to kill players or kill each other not increasing in coins

Well what if there is nobody in the server?
How are you supposed to grind?

chests and boss
bots don’t serve much purpose

Not for early game.
Chests take along time to break, and bosses can be hard if you are small.

well now it is! :smile: gautam just nerfed it lol.

kk lool i knew that

that is the most common, sometimes they are bigger, but if you just spawned 2k is a lot of difference from 0 lol.

Make bots only attack if you hit them and/or they won’t start attacking you unless you hit them multiple times, but they will still be really aggressive to other bots (so they can get coins)

Best solution

k will check it out

just break chest

:+1: kk

bots give more interactivity tho

NOT FIXED :augh:

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