We will destroy Gautam

he said this:

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Phew i thought you saw some of my discord chat yesterday


What was on your discord chat? :skull: :thinking:

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Undefeated will stay undefeated


That would of been great XD

Only undefeated members will understand dw


Ye I saw no fun lol pls stop ping

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Did you not delete it I thought you did

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Wait we will destroy Gautam!!! Tag as WAR!!! GASP
I want to be tl4 so… I’m going on Gautam’s side. Pulls out AK 47 Bass Oh forgot to clean this thing in a long time blows dust Wait where’s the trigger on this thing again? accidentally pulls trigger and hits gautam

I searched this up on Google Images, was not disappointed

I’m deadddd :skull: :rofl: :joy: :sob: :rofl: :skull:

Hear me out there was supposed to be a huge clan event on Thursday where undefined would take over the USA server, I joined at peak time (20+ players on USA) and I found 0 undefeated members :skull:


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oh… but still :]

I would have been on but I got no internet

As an honorary/unofficial member of the Undefeated clan, my excuse is that swordbattle’s blocked at my school. Also I have a lot of homework on weekdays.

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