Weapon idea pls add

Wepon idea: cheese :cheese:

Cheese is magic clas at lebel 70 and it do a lot of damage @futurepear pls ad this weapon



i think he leiks chese @futrepare plllllsssss ad this to da gaem

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garlic bread may also potentially be a good idea


garleic bred wuld be so gud agaynst neuu vampaier mob!!1!!!

cheese lvl 1 throws a big block of cheese that does 10 dmg per hit and has a range of around 5-7 blocks and has a reload time/cooldown of 0.9-0.6 and does very small amounts of aoe

garlic bread level 15 15 dmg but has a “stink” that creates a cloud of smoke where it lands that that does 5 dmg every 2 ticks to anyone inside and it can dmg the thrower with a cool down of 0.9 for the projectile which looks like garlic bread (of course) and the stink cloud lasts for 5 seconds and after the cloud dissapates it goes on cooldown for 2 seconds (to balance it out)

lvl 35 melted cheese leaves a puddle of molten cheese wherever it lands that 4-5 blocks wide
and does 6 dmg per tick and the projectile starts off as a ball and if the projectile hits the player it keepss them in place like a glue as the molten cheese ticks away at their hp

lvl 50 cheese pizza like pre nerf solar flare but better it moves like pre nerf solar flare and if it doesnt hit anything it spreads out into 8 slices and spins fast and does 35 per hit

lvl 70 the self embodiment of cheese it summons a rain of cheese that spreads across the entire map instakilling everything it touches or alternatively its just a mix of all the cheese sub-classes

also if ur gonna add this make it only available during april 1st

add a chainsaw

how does this relate to the topic