Weapon Ideas

Ideas for weapons
-Thief: Upgrade of swordsman, does lifesteal
-Raider: Upgrade of thief, does more lifesteal and gets more coins
-Reaper: Upgrade of scythe, does more damage
-Minion: Upgrade of magician, when you kill something, you control it
-Myrmidon: Upgrade of minion, an control up to three things at a time
Comment your own!

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i have more

lightning staff:

description: sends a massive bolt dealing 25 dmg plus 2 10 dmg bolts that strike near the opponent


attack rate: same as star blaster

branches from star blaster

functions similar as star blaster

speed: faster than star blaster


much faster speed than bow

larger than arrows

unaffected by gravity

branches from marksman

6 dmg

why am i there

mine is

fire arrows
upgrade from wing bow
4 damage with a burn a 2 damage for 5 sec
same as winbow and 15 bows at one with a 3 sec cd