so this has been on the back of my mind for a little bit today, so i wanted to make this post to find my answer…

what even is that one option in settings??

Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 5.05.56 PM

yes, i’m talking about webgl.

what does enabling/disabling the webgl option on settings do??


WebGL is a newer technology that is a port of OpenGL to the web. It is generally slower however.

When this option is disabled, it uses your browser’s native canvas API. Not all browsers have the canvas API, however. This is why WebGL exists, to enable support for older browsers.


so if i have a newer browser, i should turn this off?

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Wait, nevermind, canvas is slower for some reason.

I got it backwards in some ways.

I recommend you turn it on if your browser runs it smoothly.


alright, i will! thanks for the tip.

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No problem

Just depends on your computer, usually Canvas is faster on older or smaller devices like mobile or tablets and even some older pcs, but on newer devices like iPhones iPads or on computers with a graphic card you will get better fps with WebGL on. Most people on decent hardware won’t tell a difference though.

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