What am i going to do

Hey guys this is a request for help back when i had more time i was good but there is rust on my sword ha. Anyway what im asking is for people to grind for me when i offline and when Im on i want a sifu. I want to relearn combat if anyone is up for teaching please help.
and for grinding please shoot me a private massage for my password

This is going to be the oyoyoy password leak all over again

Also do you really need people to grind for you that bad? I’ve been solo since I made my account and I’ve been doing good

two anwswers no i don’t it is just i was #10 before and seeing my rank so low makes me sad
two my password is already everywhere

Thats motivation for you to grind, if you’re still burned out from grinding then maybe focusing on swordbattle isn’t a good idea

pov me:

lol off topic

i gotchu ( i just wanna use ur skins)

I will grind for you, trust- I’m totally not going to change your name into a advertisement for carball. ;)) trust me
What you can expect from me

  • ruin your reputation by murdering all of your friends
  • grind around 50k xp per day
  • using the worst skin you have

What I won’t do

  • Change your name to a advertisement for carball (trust me i won’t do it ;)))
  • leak your password
  • impulse buy expensive skins

You are asking for it…

first cant leak it is easy second dont care because carball fun frfr

:saluting_face: Thanks for the permission to change your name to “Play Carball!!”

shadow rider you should defo give me your password and username in dms