What are the actual rules for in the game?

Because I’ve been spawn killed repeatedly and lots of other annoying things usually by most of the lobby. It just gets annoying honestly like what’s the point of playing if your just going to team with like 4 other players and dominate the lobby.

bro ur so toxic and as soon as you do the glitch you kill everyone in the server so everyone comes back at you XD

  1. I do the glitch because everyone else does it + I’m being teamed on so I don’t get what u expect me to do.
  2. I’m not toxic, people have called me a retard and what not and told me to kill myself but I haven’t discussed that because I don’t care.
  3. Get better at the game pls you’re teaming and u still lost.
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you keep spamming “ur bad” and “i dont like you teamers” :skull:


cred to @Wasd


yeah because u are

thats another thing i don’t like: Toxic People
and peopple who will spawn kill you over and over just because they do not like you


You’re describing urself m8 uve spawned killed me repeatedly + ur toxic obv imma call u bad if u just spawn kill and team

whats wrong with teaming :skull:
and first of all i started spawn killing you cuz you kept doing it to me first
imma just stop wasting my time with someone like you.

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Topic was answered

Buddy lemme tell u smtn. Gautam aint gonna do anything about people calling u retard. He simply doesnt care

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I hate to admit I but he has a point even if you have screenshot of him being mean it just isn’t worth it since we’ll it is just a minor level slur and the best thing to do is to just ignore it

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Bro smon called me a mf back when i was naive like u and gautam just told me to deal with it

Oof man that sucks

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I think that called welcome to the internet

Fr lol