What do u want for chrismas

an exclusive skin i created unfortuanatly can’t get it i can’t donat
i would appriciate if someone did :pleading_face:

( i wasted so much time i wanna kms)

what skin was it?

someguy lol

Yeah I see why they didn’t add it, its because it doesn’t match the style of other realmz skins

I want a pair of Nikes or Custom Chuck Taylor All Stars

it also just looks bad

no they were gonna but i didn’t had moneyi was working with crabs

They where gonna add it if u payed because it was gonna be a custom, but if its a crate skin it has to be the same style as other skins

that’s excatly my point

all i want for christmas is u

nice one :frowning_face:

i hate that song

My skin doesn’t match the style even more than this lol: 62dead.svg - Google Drawings