What do you not like about realmz.io?

The only way to improve is to find out whats bad so go brutal as you want!

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  1. when you’re #1 on leaderboard it gets boring af
  2. everybody runs
  3. all the players are like crazy forest old grandma witches wearing a dead racoon and pigeon hat.
  4. most of the weapons are good balance but some are worse than erth.io’s
  5. bosses are not hard enough
  6. most classes dont require skill to use

Idk what to do about any of that

me neither fr
but making the bosses harder i have cool pattern for it

ok i have 4 questions
can u bring pre nerf solar back again
can you bring pre nerf champ back again
and can you bring back old map for like a week or 2?
and are there any more secrets that we need to find for fun?

bro they were nerfed for a reason bringing them back is stupid asf

Solar flare was nerfed for a reason

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i agree with bringing back old map for like a week i do love my work.
but there wont be any new biomes or boss summons lol

well id rather have old map than new on i like the old one a lot more and we don’t have lava so lava gear is useless now it’s basically a wasted upgrade

Old map is incompatible

everyone always kill me and say ez afterwards so i always cry

oh true its txt file

Pronthel Von Tutordel

Theres nothing that makes it frustrating that you can fix
(In my opinion)

  1. People can see your hp when you sneak
  2. Crown (only because people keep chasing me)

THAT’S THE POINT ARE U NEW OR SOMETHING??? like thats just basic knowledge LOL

if your king try to make friends with the people who try to kill you and they might not kill you =)

Theres always that one guy who is really good and he just chases you down and its adrenaline for like the first 2 minutes and after that i just close the tab since its pointless

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no just get good like me and kill everyone :yawning_face: