What do you not like about realmz.io?

Is @7Clappz Like angel or acol here?

i am a bestest proest pro pro


so i logged in got 30 kils and 300 levels and died and this is what i come back to

Reload tab its a rare bug and if it still shows then private message me

ok ill try it :pensive:

I find that it is easier to play a game then it pops back up


This isn’t on the game’s side but more on the community side. There aren’t a lot of casuals that have a great understanding of the game and most of the people that are trying to become competitive seem to make a lot of noticeable mistakes. This is possibly because there aren’t a lot of teachers trying to help others improve and those who know what they are doing generally go on a rampage making it difficult for those to learn. Due to this I think a way to improve the game is making it easier to learn how to play the game. Not just play the game but important mechanics that allow improvement to the average player skill to allow them to be more competent. I’ve only recently realized that I have also gone through this problem when I started playing erth. (For those who don’t know erth is what realmz was based off of.)

My second complaint is that there aren’t a lot of people that are using off-meta weapons. (Off-meta means a weapon that isn’t commonly used by most competitive players or the majority of players.) I feel like this is kind of an issue because the game feels bland as most are using katana, paladin, sniper, a small group of weapons. I think if people started to play other weapons for fun or to test them out could find out that they are really good, just like how I found out that by changing the commonly playstyle for fire caster into an aggressive one since the projectiles come out of the player’s hitbox it could be a good weapon compared to its hide in a bush and pray that somebody will come tactic. This is most likely because the choices are very clear as the current meta weapons are very popular because some might have the mindset of “Oh I died to the [insert any popular weapon here], it must be good!” This causes more and more people to drift away from weapons that they already like to change to a new playstyle because they think they will get better results from it. This ends up turning into a loop and they will be unable to play new weapons because people are only being able to kill them with the same weapons over and over again. They will also be more unlikely that they will have a main and have a weapon that they are good at due to the constant switching. Less weapon diversity makes the game boring so a solution could be buffing more weapons and encouraging people to read the patch notes. Encouraging people to read the patch notes could make people think I could try and stick to this improved weapon which allows them to main a weapon. In the meanwhile we will still have people using weapons from the previous meta so there will be people using different weapons so that you want to keep on your toes just in case that you happen to fight somebody with a unique and difficult to challenge playstyle.

The final thing that I dislike about the game is that the wise funny tree got removed. Please add it back in as soon as possible please!

I hope these thoughts are helpful and will come into your consideration in the future. Thank you for reading this.


I recommend using ranged weapons for your starter pick if this happens often! Archer and the magician classes can really help against those chasing you as you can keep your distance with those projectiles and make it difficult for them to damage you if they don’t want to damage themselves.

If you are king then that means you are at least somewhat experienced at this game. You are shown on the map for a reason. That reason is because if you know what you are doing then it has to become more of a challenge as people want the reward of killing you for exp. You already have the major advantage of having more levels than others which means more upgrades to make the burden slightly less too. This is the case of needing to balance somebody with a large advantage with a disadvantage.


A couple of minutes, not that hard.

Since a lot of people were toxic in erth and some transferred over to realmz since erth was down, yeah they do that. Also being toxic can be influential which makes other people toxic so it can grow. There is a feature that allows you to stop seeing other people from saying stuff is the disable chat feature. You can enable or disable it whenever you want in the settings. Hope this helps!

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everyone’s issue = lack of skill xd

ong but can u bring the mace in its been like a month

needs more links