What do you(not) like about this forum

the title says, comment what you like and don’t like about this forum. For me, i like how we could use html when we reply or make a topic. what i don’t like is:

what i don't like

i like this forum so there’s nothing that i don’t like about so far


When those people in general chat do what they do


Does that include me, and if so I am sorry and please tell me how I can do better.


No the people who cuss and say inappropriate things there are people who are 10 and maybe younger on fourm


Ok. I was just checking.


i agree with u

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I love the forum because of the chatting but the swearing just grinds my gears

Edit:and uh bad people say a lot of inappropriate stuff that’s worse than that

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i don’t like u
just joking

potato you should delete the photo dont get in trouble again

she didn’t even comment on this post…

She probably deleted it like zarooma suggested.

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What slap said or someone deleted for her

I like having general back.

I still get 200 private chat messages a day, but who cares?


I deleted it

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now she commented :)

people who don’t like things

honestly, the only thing i didn’t like about the past forum right before @ all was blocked is when people spammed @ all for a while

And this was 4 months after the last reply

I don’t like it when im asked dumb questions…

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