What do you want to be when you grow up?

When i grow up i wanna be professional hater like my glorious king Kendrick Lamar

I am a Shadowbladeian and i believe you are wrong

Who is this guy? Can you give me some information on him?

Religions have beliefs on somethings Christianity is a religion that believes on God, the creator of the Earth as stated by the Big Bang Theory.

Not reading that essay lil bro

@moderators please ban (IP) Monke, Lego, and Loco

Oh my i am sorry, you forgot 10+ other alts

Topic closed because a lot of you don’t know how to be respectful


Which is honestly depressing, this feels like a good topic to discuss.

Is it alright if I open it after things have cooled down (after a day or two?)

Maybe after KING’s been banned again.




Just realized I forgor to open this sooner. Stay on topic and behave appropriately so it doesn’t close again.


Thank you for it!

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Ive wanted to be an author for years but I think I also want to be an animator (even if that means on yt lol)

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im a atheist i dont beleive in god, i believe in monke

thank you!! but im trying to become a better monke

I want to have a good life that’s all

Animation, drawing is fun :D

Isn’t animation super hard?