What food do you guys like/love?

Tell me in the comments

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I change my answer.

litterally anything thats semi-american (i’ve never tried true non-american food before lol)

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Sushi and other seafood.


Never Back Down Never What…?

Same as Hue, anything that’s american.

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mac n cheese, sushi, burgers, certain pastas, pasties, koobideh, and my grandma’s desserts

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Mexican food, American food, any kind of food

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Pizza and crab curry

I love penne a la vodka :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

never give up

Italian-American things are nice :)

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Say it a bit louder, i couldn’t hear you. NEVER BACK DOWN NEVER WHAT?


That’s the spirit

I also like food food.

and i like food food food

I love lasagna

spicy noodles

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