What Happened Yesterday Night...

You Know Friday Night, Late Night Gaming Aswell

I was setting up my Opera GX Browser on my new PC cuz chrome was just taking a little too much space, and I was tired it was like 11:40 almost midnight, then…I join SB and obv I’m not signed to my main so I just join up @G-MAN_PLAYS was playing and almost killed me but I quickly told him it was me clearly he didnt completely believe me so I had to switch to my main

After that I noticed John Wich (#64) was at 600K Coins, you know what came to my mind?

“Break Bros Grind Boi”

And everybody knows at night we are so tired we considered drunk, yeh so with my sleepy skill I killed the 2 people he was teaming with (I think it was 1 I don’t remember) then killed John Wick

Had to use berserker cuz he was also using it and I didn’t want him to run from me

after a killed him I only got 90K, I had like 12K coins before I killed him so I don’t want to calculate how much I must have gotten but yeah

You gained 78k coins

I still call him John Titor. He’s not exactly living up to the name John Wick if he gets killed so easily.

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oh john wick is john titor?

Also is it easier to get on the leaderboard now? I have been seeing a ton of leaderboard movement lately and the people getting on it aren’t exactly… good

I do feel like grinding XP is a lot easier/faster in V1, but I’m not sure. Seems that way on my XP graph. I also managed to grind 350k XP on my main account in the past week (while not playing every day, hw’s been rough), which is little over half the amount you need to reach the leaderboards.

Wait John wick is John Titor!!??

I’d assume so. John Titor disappears from the leaderboard and I see a new player with the name John Wick, with around the same rank (don’t remember his exact rank, but I’m fairly confident it’s the same guy). And let’s not forget to mention how they still use that annoying “strategy” of running and throwing your sword.

He also really like John wick

Bro I’m chill with John Wick. Are you telling me my opp secretly disguised himself as a friend?!
This makes so much sense now. When I first met John Wick he instantly kept going for me, most likely because he knew that I (G-MAN) kick the crap out of this dude on sight. He stopped tho and befriended me, im now guessing it was cause he realized that I didn´t recognize him.

I mean if you’re chill don’t stop being chill
This is all speculation

Its not speculation anymore. I just found out that John Wick really is John Titor.

Man… he didn’t quit? Hey atleast I stopped him from playing when I play lol

Fr, Half the leaderboard is worse at pvp then me!! and im reallly bad at pvp lol

yeah bc they’re scared they don’t join when im on lb lol


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