What if the world was deterministic

Yeah I know the uncertainty principle is a thing but as Albert Einstein once said

God does not play dice

What that everyone’s fate is already pre-determined? I have thought about that sometimes but I have never come to a real conclusion

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Adding on aren’t we just a bunch of atoms arranged in a certain way? If so how do we think? And what separated us from a computer

This reminds me of this video.

Short summary (you should watch the video though)

It’s a story about reincarnation. Each time after you die, you learn that you have already lived many human lives, but you just don’t remember them. You will live every human life there ever was, past or future. And every time you’ve interacted with someone, it was (or will be) you in another life. Everyone on Earth is an incarnation of you.

The thought of this is kind of scary. Having to live every life in human history…

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Or alien for that matter kinda makes you want to be nicer so that when you become that person you wouldn’t be insulted?

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