What is the Top 10% Poster badge?

also i have a question is this a new badge or what cause me and tom have it


The fact that tom has it :skull:

No it is not a new one I used to have too 2% poster badge

it means a post you have made is is one of the best liked or looked at in 10% you can lose it really easily and tom because lots of people are obsessed about him at the moment so he is tp 10%

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I thought it was over a certain time period like a month

I forget I held top 2% poster the longest pretty much all the way till summer lol

But it may be like trending where it over like a week or smth

Im pretty sure it means that you are in the top 10% of active users who posted last month.

Pretty much

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It’s for the top 10% posters in the last month

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