What is your average fps? (poll)

so i was sort of wondering how much fps you guys get on average…swordbattle.io is a pretty laggy game in general but sometimes i get some insane fps…

  • 1-10 fps
  • 10-20 fps
  • 20-50 fps
  • 50-60 fps
  • 60-70 fps
  • 70+ fps
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honestly, i’m so curious to see the average you guys are getting.

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Its around 30.

when i get about 20k on chromebook min 500 fps

when I get 1k on my mac 3500 fps min LOL

wow how is the majority of ppl getting 70+ fps?! i get around 60.

hmm its a skill issue tbh

Yeah I’m surprised by that as well. I only got to 70+ after switching to a Macbook. I used to use a Windows 10 PC, and the FPS capped at 60 and drops as in-game time went on.

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after having 1k coins on my mac, my min fps in 3500

you do not have 3,500 fps. that’s impossible.

possible, next time, I will show you, or could it have been ping

30 fps to 60 fps sometimes on my ipad

70+ easily :sob:
until anti-aliasing :smirk:

yeah, its ping.


did you mean seconds per frame?



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