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So i’ve been offline for a few days. As you know in old topics i was the first to ever do anything like “Hunger Games” or any other book like thing. My collogue whom I forget his name, Help me write a series call “the adventures of cvefy” I’ve been working on a book and am soon getting it publish i’ve wrote 4 so far if you like the first one simple thumbs up and tell me your faverite part thanks! Also if we get at least 20 likes i will post the second book
Book I: The Campsite.


They sat around the campfire in eerie silence, nobody wanting to bring up their predicament. Everyone was going to have to come out anyway, they may as well get it over with. Masu was just about to clear his throat when he noticed Sam and Layla standing apart from the group whispering. What were they plotting now?

Masu was glad to be at summer camp this year. He had heard this year they were going to tell scary stories. They were about to start and Masu was going to tell the first story, when he saw Sam and Layla stand up and go towards the forest.

Masu told the council that he wouldn’t be able to tell the story that night. Masu had a crush on Layla so he got up and ran after them. The forest was off limits and Masu knew that, but he cared more about Layla’s safety more than obeying rules.

Bad idea. He shouldn’t have gone. Because every action has a reaction…

Two months


Masu woke up in a strange place. He looked next to him. There was an odd smell near him. It had a swampy smell. Beside him were Layla and Sam, they were both passed out it seemed. He stood up and tried to wake Sam and Layla. Sam woke up first.

“Where are we?” He asked, shakened.

“No clue.” Masu had responded.

Layla made a loud yawn as she woke up.

“Where are we?” She asked just like Sam had.

“I don’t know!” Sam and Masu responded in union. They started to explore the area. Masu saw how muddy it was and went into the forest to find some nuts and berries to eat. In the forest, it was very foggy. Masu hoped the others were trying to set up camp. Masu had no clue what berries and nuts were poisonous. So instead he just grabbed what looked like his everyday berries and hoped it wasn’t poisonous. As he made his way to where everyone was last at, he noticed that there was a fire in the distance and walked towards it thinking it was a campfire, And it was. Masu made it to the campfire and saw three tents set up. When he heard shuffling in the bushes. He hoped it was Sam and Layla. He slowly walked over to the bushes.

Chapter 2

“BOO!” Sam and Layla screamed in union.

“AHH!” Masu jumped back scared out of his wits. “ What was that for? That was mean.” He felt embarrassed that he got scared by his crush. Jerks, he thought.

“ Ha, you should have seen the look on your face!” Sam laughed.

“ Yeah, Masu.” Layla was laughing with Sam, holding her phone towards Sam.

“HEY! Were you recording me? Not cool, delete it.” Masu pouted. Regretting it admittedly. Not the best way to impress a girl.

“I will, If you can catch me!” Layla teases, as she starts to run. Masu sighs and starts chasing after her, annoyed. He almost tripped on a rock before he caught her.

“Not cool, Lays.” He moans.

“I only did it ‘cause I like you.” Layla mumbles.

“Huh? What was that?” Masu asked.

“Nothing.” She waves the question off.

“Uh-Huh, sure…” Masu had mentioned, grabbing her phone to delete the message. Enter password to open. Hmmm? What would her password be?

“Yo, Lays what is your password?” Masu asked her.

“Just give me my phone and I’ll delete it.” Layla told him, as she took her phone back.

As Layla entered her password she realized Masu was watching. Masu wanted to see what her password was but all he could see was M_S_

Chapter 3

M_S_? What did that mean? Maybe something not american? Masu had no clue what it could have been. But also Masu didn’t really care about it, he just hoped she deleted the video.

‘Sigh. She better have ‘cause I don’t like that.’

3 hours later.

“Hey lets tell scary stories.” Sam howled.

“Okay, I’ll go first.” Layla cooed, as she thought about what story to tell.

“Okay. This is a story about a child who didn’t know he died.” She drew it out like it was a ghost talking.

“It was a stormy night in Lanceville, Maine. It was the year of 1654. There was a boy. He had everything he had ever wanted. We will call him, Jordan. Jordan was in a rich family. With a loving, caring mother, though he had an evil sister would hated him. Her name was Lorea. Lorea was the oldest and didn’t get everything she wanted like her brother did. So she plotted revenge.”

“Oooo. Scary.” Sam faked shivers. The wind started to rustle and Masu jumped.

“Are you going to let me finish? Now where was I?” Layla pretended to think. “ Ah yes, so one-night Lorea was not asleep when everyone else was. She thought tonight was the night. She went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife. Then she ran to he brother’s room. Where she found him. Already, dead. She got up and ran to her room where she hid the knife under her bed. Then went back to her brother’s room where she saw her brother standing up. Or at least she thought it was her brother. This person was blue and floating. Though it looked like her brother. I’m going to go make some milk. And he disappeared and was not seen again. And even to this day his sister still regrets wanting to hurt her brother. The end.” Layla had ended with an eerie glow in her eyes.

The wind blew in her face with a howl.

It was time to go to bed. Since the tents were already set up they didn’t have to do anymore. But Masu was wondering why there was three tents.

“Oh yeah if your wondering why there is the tents, it is because it was already here.” Sam told him.

“Oh ok.” Masu had responded.

“Hello, who are you guys?”

Chapter 4

“Hello? You guys look like you’ve seen a ghost.” The kid had mention.

“Uh who are you?” Masu asked he child.

“You can call me Isaac. Isaac Kiliman.” Isaac told them.

Masu looked at the kid with a long face. This kid is supposed to be dead, For fifty years. Masu had turn his head and looked at the rest of the group, and saw they were all thinking the same thing. This kid was supposed to be dead since 1973.

Masu didn’t want to say it though.

“Um, how old are you Isaac?” Layla wondered.

“I’m 17, what about you… um? Isaac hadn’t known her name.

“Layla. And I’m 14.” She told him.

“Um Isaac, do you know what day it is?” Sam asked Isaac.

“Yes, today is July, 19, 1973.” Isaac told with a sly smile.

“Um I hate to tell you this Isaac.” Masu started. “But you’ve been dead for fifty years.”

“What no I haven’t.” Isaac mention with a unsure face.

“Yeah you have. Today is July, 19, 2023. You disappeared in June of 1973. I’m sorry.” Masu had told him, pulling out a missing paper he found on the camp grounds and handed it to him.

“Wait what? Omg. I’ve really have been dead. What?” Isaac starts to cry.

Layla walks over to Isaac and rubs his back.

“B-bu-but how?” Isaac tears turned to wails.

“It was said you went in the forest and ever since the forest have been banned.” Layla tells him still rubbing his. Masu was jealous of Isaac. To him it seem like Isaac likes her. If he wanted to be with her he’ll have to act fast.

“Hey, Lays. Can we talk? Um… away form the boys.” Masu asked her.

“Yeah sure.” She resonped, blushing.

“Guys me and Layla are going to take a walk!”

Chapter 5

“So why do you want to talk to me?” Layla asked, confused. At first Masu was confused forgetting that he never told Layla why he needed to talk.

“Oh yeah. I kinda need to tell you something, but lets’ get farer before I tell you.” Masu started to blush. Good thing it is nighttime so she can’t see me blushing. Masu thought.

“Oh okay. Well in the meantime, I’ve been needing to talk to you.” Layla had started to twirl with her hair. Masu could clearly see her face. It was a dark red. She seemed to be hiding something. Something she had to say for a long time it seemed.

“Ok, sure what’s up?” Masu begged to know more.

“Well you see I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a long time,” Layla began, “I’ve relizied I like you.”

“Well of course you do we’ve been friends for a long time.” Masu mentioned, casually.

“No I mean I love you.” Layla had responded to him. “You asked what my password was, I didn’t want you to know until I said it, my password is your name, MASU. And Masu I love you.” She grabbed Masu hand and refused to let go of it. But Masu shook her hand off.

“That’s actually why I want to talk, Lays I think I love you to.” He looks straight into he eyes and then wraps his around her and pushes her against a tree and kisses her. At first Layla was surprised by the sudden pace this took but then started kissing back.

Masu embraces her warmth in the cool weather feeling like he never wanted to let go of her lips. And from the intensity of her kissing it seems she doesn’t either. Then Layla jerks away and Masu pulls away, all red in the face.

“Mhmmm, your lips.” Layla moans softly, as she pulls away. And as they start to walk back to the camp Layla and Masu can’t stop looking at each other. And each time it happened they both started to giggle. When they finally reach the camp, Sam and Isaac run up to them. But when Sam and Isaac saw Layla’s and Masu’s face they both open their mouths in shock. Although neither one wanted to state the obvious. That Layla and Masu were making out in the forest.

Chapter 6

Masu and Layla chose to sleep in the same tent since they’re an item now. Masu couldn’t stop thinking about what happened in the forest, and kept taking glances at her. Layla was trying to stop thinking about it but she couldn’t either. And that’s when they heard a loud gurgling sound. Masu jumped up fast.

“Did you hear that babe?” Masu was startled.

“It was probably nothing babe.” Layla shrugged it off. Masu told her ok and rolled back over and fell asleep. Masu started to dream. He dreamt of a tiger, he seem to be in Africa and was getting chased by it. Masu was running as fast as he could though when he turned around he was met with something far worse. What he saw he wasn’t aspecting. It was a monster with giant, shrap, bloody teeth. It had two bloodshot eyeballs. And had a mouth on it’s belly. It was gross. Masu didn’t know what to say. He ran harder, When Masu turned around he saw the monster still there. It was gaining on him. And right when it had reached for him, Masu woke up and saw Layle lying straight up in his face.

“Hey babe, I just had the weirdest dream.” LayLa started.

“Oh yeah, let me guess you were getting chased by a monster with giant, shrap, bloody teeth. It had two bloodshot eyeballs. And had a mouth on its belly.” Masu told her, only half joking.

“Uh yeah thats exactly what I was dreaming of.” Layla tells him.

“Yeah I had the same dream babe. At first I thought it was just a dream but then it felt like a warning.” Masu shivered. He was cold form the thought of it.

“Oh babe come here, I’ll warm you up.” Layla sweetly moans. So Masu walked over to her to feel better. She wraps her arm around him and pulled him close to her breast.

“Everythings going to be all right babe.” Layla cooes sweetly. And at that moment, everything was indeed not all right.

Chapter 7

Grgrloo the monster gumbles.

“AH,” someone yelled, “Help me!”

Masu and Layla couldn’t hear anything though. They were both on the floor of their tent, had their shirts off, making out.

“Mhmm, babe, your spit.” Layla moans.

“I love you Lays.” Masu tries to speak, but has Layla’s tongue in his mouth and her spit in his throat.

The monster roared louder. This time they heard it and jumped up fast. And threw their shirts back on and peaked outside. They both dropped their mouths in shock, it was the beast from their dreams. As ugly has ever. They both scream at the top of their lungs as the monster comes running at them.

“Oh man its back. I thought I destroyed that thing,” Isaac comes running from his tent, “LOOK OUT!” He screams at the top of his lungs, diving in front of Layla and Masu, as the monster launch at them. But it stopped and ran away once it saw Isaac.

“Oh, thanks for saving me and my beloved Masu.” Layla cries out.

“It was nothing, really.” Isaac shrugs it off.

“Wait, hold up. You said that you destroyed whatever that thing was. You know it?” Masu wondered curiously.

“Uh…. yeah.” Isaac looked in Masu’s eyes, and started to trumble.

“You knew what every thing was, was here! You could’ve gotten us killed!” Masu yells and at Isaac.

“Woah bud. I said I thought I killed it.” Isaac slides down, scared of Masu yelling at him.

“But you still knew that it-” Masu gets cut off by Layla.

“Babe, chill. What I’m wondering is why it ran off when you appread? It seemed like it was looking at your pendent.” Layla pokes Isaac’s pendent, to show what she meant.

“My pendent…” Isaac begins, “holds something against the beast, like it controls it or something.”

“Yeah or something.” Masu mutters, and Layla elbows him in the ribs.

“Stop being a butt Masu, or next it will be your balls.” Layla threatens.

“Woah Layla. It’s cool. No need for violence.” Isaac makes an attempt to break up their argument. Bad move, Layla guts him.

“Shut up!” Both Layla and Masu scream in union. They go on yelling at each other and while they keep on rumbling, Isaac was curiously wondering around. When suddenly he relized something.

“Uh guys,” He mumbles, but the two of them kept fighting, “Guys!” They stop fighting.

“Where is Sam?”

Chapter 8

“Where is Sam?” Isaac asked, looking at the others for an anwser.

“Uh I haven’t seen him since we went to bed.” Masu worries. Why do I care. He was getting on my nerves anyhow.

“Wait guys. Look.” Layla yells them over to some dragged footprints.

“You don’t think….” Masu trails off, hoping that Sam didn’t get killed.

“We got to help him!” Isaac starts to sob. Masu knew that Isaac wasn’t wrong, but the question is how do they save him? As far as they knew the only thing that even scares that monster away is the pendent.

“Hey Isaac,” Layla starts, “may I see that pendent?”

“Uh… sure? Don’t know what it will do though.” Isaac tells her, handing his pendent to her.

“That’s ok.” Layla responded as she took the pendent. Layla had suspected that the pendent may be a special type of stone attached to it. She flips the pendent over, examining the stone. Layla then brought it up to the light and saw the color change blue.

“Okay, okay. Now we wait until the afternoon.” Layla announced, with confidence that the stone is what she thinks it is. And so they wait. But while they do the boys go off to think about what to do next.

They talked until afternoon.
“So…” Isaac started, “You got any ideas about what Layla is doing? I mean she is your girlfriend.”

Masu blushes, “Yeah I love her.” Masu grins embrassingly.

“Yeah I do. She’s a stone expert. Any thing about rocks, she knows.” Masu nods, knowingly.

“Oh.” Isaac tilted his head.

“Yeah I wish I could be more like her and know these things.” Masu tells him. “I mean she is not only hot and romanic, but she is also populor, smart, sytlish, kind, leadersome, brillitant, and musicial. I’m nothing like her. I don’t even know how I ended up with a girl so wounderful.”

“Woah. Sounds like you got an all-in-one babe.” Isaac’s eyes glisten. “And you know, I was never going to steal her from you right?” Masu’s eyes open in shock. I never told him that. How does he know?

“You look confused, like your woundering how I know that. It was kinda obvious, I mean I saw you staring at here when I was talking to her for the first time. You were blushing and your face seemed to be radiating heat. And when you looked at me thats when I relized you liked her, so she was telling me about how much she loved you, and I told her to open up her feelings for you.”

“Oh well I’m sorry for thinking you were going to take her.” Masu apologized.

“Nah it’s cool, that’s the reason I died. I died saving the girl I loved. Ella Floorized.” Isaac looks down crying. But Masu didn’t tell him that Ella was his mom. She’s probably so sad losing both Isaac and her son.

“Guys!” Layla calls them over and they rush back to the camp. “I think I got a plan.”

Chapter 9

“So I was right about this stone,” Layla begins, “It is called Orbiterite. The stone is from ancient myth. In 500 B.C this stone fell from the sky and was discovered by the Chazes clan. The stone grant all sorts of powers to whomever it deemed worthy. It is said that it was once used to bring a evil demon back from the dead, which as I suspect, is that monster we incounter. It was brought back by a dude named, James Kiliman, the tribe leader. He seeked no more than totally power of all and had his owned selfish ways of doing it. As you can see here the rock is red.” Layla points at the Orbiterite to show her point.

“And it will stay red until 1:00 p.m. The reason for this is that when this is red that monster is at it’s strongest. So when it turns back blue is when we attack. I chipped the Orbiterite to thrids so we will each have one but first we need to set some rules on this thing. Since I figured out what is was I will set them. Number one, we can’t use any summoning powers, we have no idea what this thing could summon, so we shouldn’t risk it. Number two, nothing that may harm the forest, we don’t want the whole fire department to come here. And number three once we get rid of this thing I want all the Orbiterite pieces to stay with you at all times, it’s about time that it is taken care of and made sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands again. Do you have any questions?”

“Yes. Why are we not just giving the Orbiterite to a museum or some scientist when we are done?” Masu questions.

“We are not doing that because it is too risky.” Layla answers him. Then she turned to Isaac and saw he was crying.

“Oh my god. Isaac what’s wrong?” Layla puts her arm around his shoulder, but he jerks away.

“Don’t touch me!” He yells and turns away.

“Okay. I’m sorry but why are you crying.” Layla wants to help him.

“You can’t trust me!” He sobs. “James Kiliman is my ancestor!” Isaac starts to pour, as he takes off running.

“Wait, Isaac!” Masu calls after him, but he is already long gone.

“Looks like it is just you and me.” Layla states.

“Grgrloo.” Layla jumps at this and grabs on to Masu.

“Look Lays. The Orbiterite is now blue. Its time.” Masu whispers, and leans over and gives a soft kiss on Layla’s lips.

“Come back safely. Let’s do this.” Masu starts to run. When he remember that the Orbiterite grants powers. Well lets see how this works. All Masu had to do to get the power is think about what he wanted. Fire he thought. He felt his hands warming up. And he started building up heat in the middle of his palm. Where he made the first fireball. This is sick. Masu threw it at a tree for target practice. Nailed It! Masu raised his arm and then brought it down. The fire stopped. He could turn it on and off.

Masu can you hear me? A voice was talking to him in his head. Telepathy.

Layla is that you? He thought back.

Yes. I see the monster in sight. Layla responded.

Great, I’m going to use telekinesis. Masu thinks back. Masu looked at a tree branch and focused. Snap. The tree branch broke a he threw it at the tree he broke it off of. He felt a rush off wind blow in his face, and saw a cloud forming above the forest.

The power of weather. Epic choice! Masu thought to Layla.

Thanks! I’m going to hit the monster with some lightning. Layla thought to him, at the same time Masu saw three lightning bolts strike the beast.

Masu then used his telekinsis to pick up the beast and slam it down but the beast saw him a shot a red laser from his eyes. Masu tried to get out off the way but couldn’t, when he saw something fly out of the corner of his eye. Isaac! Isaac came and picked up Masu.

“Isaac you came back!” Masu thanked him.

“Yep. And look who I found.” Isaac pointed in the sky, and what he saw he wasn’t expecting.



They hugged each other.

Hey I glad you found everyone but the monster is still chasing me. Layla thought at Masu.

Oh yeah. Sorry. Masu told her.

“I came back because I know what I must do.” Isaac started. “Hey, stupid! Your my ancestor’s creation, and you’ll die by the same family line!”

Isaac run at the beast super fast.

“IT IS TIME YOU DIE!” Isaac screams, holding his hands out, which were glowing. Isaac ran right into the beast with his hands.

“Wait Isaac! What are you-” Layla was to late.

The beast and Isaac were gone. No trace that they were ever there. Layla starts to cry.

“Layla come here,” Masu tries to confort her, “He knew what he had to do. He was a great kid. I’m sorry.” Masu rubs her back.

“Guys. I know this is a moment but shouldn’t we get back to the city?” Sam questions.

“Yeah your right let’s go.” Masu started to walk out carrying Layla with Sam close behind.

Chapter 10

2 weeks later.

“Are you sure that we should go to school today I mean we have been missing shouldn’t we be resting?” Layla asks at the bus stop.

“Yeah but no one seems to remember.” Sam tells her.

“Hey guys whats up?” Masu walks up to the group.

“Hey babe. You know I was thinking about doing something about school. You coming?” Layla asked him, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Masu blushes, “ You can count me in babe.”

“Sam you want to come to?”

“Yeah sure I’m in.” Sam tells her.

“Cool see y’all after school.” Layla goes off on her bike. They all were so ready to get out of school, that when the school bell let them out they all went and met each other in the parking lot of the school building.

“So come on guys. What is taking you so long?” Layla rushes them. The boys follow her on their bikes, and pulled up in a graveyard.

“Uh what are we doing here?” Sam shivers of the thought of the grave.

“We are here to pay a friend a visit.” Layla simply tells him and starts walking. When she got to the gravestone she wanted to see she stopped.

“Here.” Layla bends down and picks up a note in front of the grave. The grave read,

Isaac Kiliman

Beloved son and brother.


thanK you, my friends. I have consider you’re kindness. Layla, sam, and masu you have set me free. I am very glad. But i ask of two more favors. Number one find ella and tell her i love her. And number two find my sister

Signed, Isaac kiliman.

“Well guys you down for anothor adventure?” Masu asked them.

“Heck yeah I am.” Sam pumps his fist in the air.

“Oh yeah I was born ready.” Layla stares into Masu eyes.

“Then let’s gooooo!”

© 2023. All rights resevered.
And last thing the name “Masu” is Ukraine. It was a swordbattle.io player who lost his house in the R/U war. He later died soon after.

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Here’s a summary if your too lazy:
The Campsite chronicles the unsettling adventures of Masu, Layla, and Sam, teenagers drawn into a mystery during a seemingly ordinary camping trip. Masu, harboring a secret crush on Layla, disobeys camp rules and ventures into the forbidden forest with her. Lost and disoriented, they stumble upon Isaac, a seemingly ordinary boy with an extraordinary claim: he’s been dead for fifty years.

Skepticism quickly turns to astonishment as the teenagers encounter a terrifying creature lurking in the woods. Isaac, shrouded in his own mystery, possesses knowledge of the beast and a pendent that might hold the key to defeating it. As the creature launches attacks, the friends rely on Isaac’s cryptic guidance and Layla’s sharp mind.

Layla, with a knack for deciphering secrets, discovers the pendent’s magical properties are tied to the time of day. This newfound knowledge becomes crucial in their fight for survival. But the battle takes a tragic turn when Isaac, driven by a past he barely remembers, makes a selfless sacrifice to vanquish the monster.

Grief hangs heavy as the remaining friends discover a note left by Isaac. It reveals a yearning to reconnect with his family and a final wish: for Masu, Layla, and Sam to find them and share his love. The weight of this responsibility sits upon them, but amidst the sorrow, a spark of determination ignites.

The book concludes with a shift in tone. Two weeks after the ordeal, a sense of normalcy seems to be returning. However, Layla, Sam, and Masu, forever marked by their experience, decide to embark on a new adventure. They choose to honor Isaac’s final wish, transforming their grief into a mission to reunite a broken family.


Can I get a summary of the summary?

Three teens, Masu, Layla, and Sam, uncover mysteries and face a monstrous threat during a camping trip, leading to a tragic yet inspiring journey to reunite a ghostly boy’s family.


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