What kind of updates do you prefer?

  • Updates that take about a month or two with more content
  • Updates that take only a week or two weeks with less content
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Updates that dont suck

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we need small weekly updates cuz its annoying going on a content drought for 1.5 months for content with nothing to do besides grind bosses for hours and pvp endlessly

Content drought sucks but the only content you will get is patching a bug and changing the location of 1 tile

yea it took 1.5 months excluding bug fixs for the realmz upd to the halloween upd

which is why i quit for awhile

Reasons why I prefer updates that take a month or two with more content:

  1. Feels more complete
  2. The wait isn’t that bad, others have to suffer with a game that doesn’t get updated for years like Geometry Dash (they will probably get an update anytime soon) and people waiting for GTA 6. It also feels more rewarding when an update comes because we’ve been patient for the long wait.
  3. Good amount of time for people to give feedback when still in development.