What’s everybody going to be for Halloween?

Halloween is next week, so i wanted to know, what are you all gonna be for Halloween
I am being kris deltarune

Trying to find something at least that relates to Doom Slayer

I’m going as Geddy Lee The GOAT

Does he play bass by any chance?

Maybe :]

I don’t know why I asked I should of known XD


I will be a human.

Imma be a polar bear :polar_bear:


my uncle bought me a custom without asking or showing, so I am going to be boba fet, and for some reason it looks like it has a skirt :/

cookie monster

I’m going to be not bald this halloween.

lol, wait, you were bald before?!?!??!?!?!?!

No, but according to my friends, buzzcut = bald.


im gonna be hippo also know as your mom

I’m going to put on a hat

you cant im him ill sue your for identity theft

I’ve never done Trick or Treated… :skull:

You guys are wearing costumes? Usually I just put my hoodie on and be a hacker or coder

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