What skins should i make

Just asking, what skins i should make.
I would prefer the response as the name of the skin with details of the skin, or just the category of the skin

maybe a superhero one?

what about greek gods(like Zeus or Ares…)


cul, y not


it usually doesn’t take me too long to do a skin, but i have other stuff to do, so the skin should be ready by tuesday

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superman or smth?

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ur choice

Can you make a brown background with headphones one it’s ears and it’s sword is a :point_up_2:

could i maybe have a sketch?

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A gamer skin?

A MollTheCoder skin!
lol jk

But if you wanted to, I wouldn’t stop you.

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if u want it make it

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No it is my own the Uknown Skin

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I just sent it convert it to pnj

  • Earn a skin
  • Anyone can have a skin
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does anyone here agree tht u have to earn a skin for it to come out and u shudnt just be able to get it easily

can i possibly get a skin? im #4 all time.

no i think to get one you gotta be in 3rd all time and above

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Nr, bread has a skin but i guess he was the longest 3rd place ever. I think If we make skin classes and so a dedication class, anyone can have a skin