What the heck

Can’t even properly play the game I literally just faced off against the top 4 players in my server at ONCE, Now mind you I had like 25k while in total they had well over 120k+.

I’m just bad xD :skull:


skill issue I say but I can help u kill em so which server?


uhm the server is usa2, my user is javascript.


I was gonna say “skill issue” but after seeing your username mad respect :saluting_face:


why is it that I have to get approval to post?

You’re at a low trust level.

bro im used to the replit forums and they don’t got approval on :sob:

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Sorry man :[

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I’ll say get good being teamed on is a great way to learn next nice name if you make alt make it cpp or c++

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Well angel beat me and 7 of my other teamates at once they had over 150k xp and killed all of them

Sorry man, more you talk and make posts and stuff, you won’t need approval.

yea I don’t need approval anymore. :)

He was talking about my forum user.

no ur team was just bad lol try different strats

They were not they were under top 50

(post deleted by author)

But they are not. Well lets just close this here

Yeah I can clap some top 20 yet have a nice fight with others

not trash just ya know not as good

Yeah they are when I fought crvef who is top 10 destroyed him