What the whaaaat?

No way someone with that many coins died… and is that big…


How’d you find that?

what that is like…did all the golden chests just spawn in that area only and overlap ech other cuz thats what it looks like XDDD no way a person that big woulda died. maybe it was a juggernaut in beserk mode tho… hmm

idk, just loaded into a game, and boom!it showed me that and then… :sob:


https://sword-io-game.herokuapp.com GOT BLOCKEDDDD :sob: :sob:


me too :sob: But I think it’s for the better good I shouldn’t play in school

At least it’s not the forum.

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No he was on another tab and didn’t press the play again button so he didn’t X out the tab he just left it so it showed all the coins that were in the spam of him not seeing the tab :nerd_face:

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that is exactly what i did lol…

Did i earn the solution?

yes u did frager,


Please someone fix this 10 character limit its driving me nuts.


aww thats sad luckily my school hasnt banned sb.io yet

referencing this

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