Whats better Solar or paladin in a comp

whats better Solar or paladin in a close range battle?

No idea? Barely played the game but a swordbattle.io Proe

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k well i think paldin would be good for close but it has a longer reload than solar so i think it could be pretty even for a 1v1


paladin W

well obvy pre nerf is better that’s why they nerfed it

solar flare rn is still the best weapon in the game by a huge margin. I don’t know what yall are on :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

I find Solar to be better than Paladin in solo as it has a really good range and it allows it’s knockback to feel more advantageous as it attacks horizontally. Because of this it can keep space which makes it difficult for close range weapons. Compared to Paladin although very solid it attacks at a vertical angle and since there are more walls that stop the knockback from going all the way it feels less impactful. (Keep note that vertical attacks that go in an angle are still very good. It just isn’t as suited for the current map compared to horizontal attacks.) Despite this, I’d find Paladin to be better in a team environment as Solar has lots of range which can easily cause well, friendly fire. So to wrap it all up, both weapons are great and still viable but they have their own special weaknesses and strengths that might have you pick one over the other depending on your preferences.


thanks for the input its very detailed and i loved reading it it was interesting