Whats the best songs?

Some of my favorite songs, 4 Big guys, Swag like Ohio, Grimace, Drive-Thru of burger king, hey we got k rounds, and sponge bob rap songs. Support me at makeawish.com ( :man_in_manual_wheelchair: hes depending on you)

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I need some new songs

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i know the BEST OG song it is the alphabet

How about my master playlist?

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I’ve not heard of any of these songs…

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AINT NO flipping way

I don’t think I have either. And I hear a variety of stuff from school too.

Half of these sound like meme songs? Are they? At least judging by their names

they are

try them

Are these songs that you listen to on the regular? I recognize some of their melodies from actual songs. I’ma share my personal favorite songs in a bit, but after listening to the songs you listed, idk if we have the same taste in music.

No, these are just for fun

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