What's the best weapen in ts game

i also wanna knows the worst

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th best is holy or solar
the worse is star blaster

There isn’t a “best” weapon in the game nor the “worst” weapon. It really just depends on your playstyle. Take my main weapon fire caster for example. Other people suck using it so it is generally considered to be a garbage weapon. Despite this, it just so happens to be the weapon that I am best at using. Despite all of this, weapons can be generalized into the ability on how well the majority of players use them to their best extent and I will be telling you my opinion on what I think is the best and worst weapon in this game.

With this in mind I’d say that champion is the best weapon because it is a popular choice for many new and experienced players as it has solid knockback, range for a melee weapon, and the angle it attacks at is quite solid. Its predecessor weapon which it evolves from which is paladin is already strong too which makes it even easier to get. Some players have even been able to get very high scores without evolving to champion. This means it is an all rounder and can compete with most weapons.

For the worst weapon, I would say that lancer would be the worst weapon. I have chosen this weapon as it has abysmal DPS (damage per second), can only attack in one direction at a time, low knockback, and finally it has a small hitbox. Now compared to dragoon which evolves from lancer, all of its statistics are buffed making it a much better weapon. You may think that “oh but it is a small price to pay if I can get dragoon before I die,” but that is the problem. All of these things make it more difficult to get dragoon which is why I have chosen this to be the worst weapon in the game.

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star blaster is definetely better than sorceror and magician, the worst is prob katana


no bro they suck fr u can easliy defeat a umbrella users in 5 hits

the fact that it’s lazor is crazy

  2. NoWeapon (or Aura Shield when it did 7 dmg)

it was all of dn, including neil who is a dev for the game :skull:

star is decent

Best is prolly like sniper star blaster champion or alchemist
worst is maybe paladin (ik its a p bad opinion)- good damage but its speed sucks donkey buttocks

Gimme a time and place ill have paladin

paladin?? XD that’s so ez to get. the fact that you need time to get that is sad

why are people still responding to this topic

so true