Whats the hardest boss

hardest boss
  • eye thingy
  • free xp terror
  • le goblino (Mid)
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it may or may not be eye

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eye is the hardest but its still easier in a way than mech, some things about it are easier and some things are harder
ex: eye shooting balls dont do as much damage but theyre harder to dodge while mech balls are easier to dodge but they do A LOT more damage

Also mech has 500 hp eye has like 200

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Mech will be way harder than eye in all aspects in a bit.

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HMMMMMM… wdym harder like are u adding more balls and attack cycles? if so i hope its hard

Eye is ez with fire caster

where is worm (not saying it’s hardest)

worm isnt in game yet unless a mod summons him so he dont count as one sadly

hes final boss of zombies gamemode

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he is?

r u sped :skull: you cant even spawn the fire balls inside of the eye cuz it has spikes all around it which knock you back

the gamemode is gone now

it is like infernal mage but with less range and more accurate and since it has big explosion it means it has a higher chance to run into it compared to any other weapons besides sniper.