Whats the most wild thing seen here

Yo anyone who has been here a long time, i’m wondering what’s one ofthe most wild things that someone has said on the forum that has gotten them banned, or was js wild in general? :D

black guy, d :eggplant: k out, posing for a picture

the olden days were wild


Someone “accidentally” saying hi gigga to @GiggaPoggers but mistakenly put n- and yk whats next

And a dude spamming @all posting a cp website in gen

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Some person spam posting CP or just regular P🍆rn

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I somehow caused penguin to accuse slap of sexual harassment in gen chat in the first 10 minutes of joining

That was fun surprisingly I didn’t get any consequences

Better late than never :shoot:



forum can be wild :skull:

some one spammed cp and cp links

a dude spamming cp in gen chat

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and also king spamming lego p :eggplant:n

bro yall have seen the most crazy stuff here ive never seen nothing
guess am js lucky ( unless u like that stuff) :skull:

Someone tried to scam me and a few others recently

Pretty sure I made them question their life choices in dms

I don’t remember seeing cp so I must have been asleep

I already got silenced for no reason, remember? so you don’t need to

luckily I missed the cp!

(I unfortunately didn’t miss everything though)

Slap’s dic pic.