Who am I teamed with?

I have teamed with so many different people I cannot remember everyone I have teamed with. So, if I have teamed with you, please tell me in the comments. My swordbattle.io name is PiStringTheory31.

Thank you @Undefeated_JELLY12 for giving me the idea by posting this question for himself.

i did most peeps know me as cvefy but rn my name is FOODD TRUCK FAN 500

Nah i haven’t teamed with u i think

Please do put your swordbattle.io name inside.

I don’t know have you teamed with a player named zarooma or have you been killed a lot by a player named zarooma?

Oh wait your pstring so somewhat

Ok, my sword name rn is MILLION_JELLY12 in game

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i have not teamed, just killed you a bunch

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Idk if i am because all I remember is stabbing u

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